With Love

Project Details

  • With Love Packaging Collection

    Each package is designed to create surprise and delight when opened, making each gift inside feel even more special.

  • Package with Pull Tab

    This folded package is opened by pulling on its tab.

  • Package with Pull Tab (Open)

    The tab is attached to a handwritten note inside. As the note is pulled up, the package flaps unfold to reveal its contents.

  • Cube Package

    Instead of only opening from one face, two attached sides of this package unfold to unveil its gift in a red carpet-like manner.

  • Box Package

    This box is sealed with an attached ribbon.

  • Box Package (Opening)

    The "With Love" tab in the ribbon is undone, allowing the box to open.

  • Spread from Brand Identity Study

    The left page of the spread shows different applications of the logo, while the right page establishes typographic standards to be used across all identity applications.

  • Spread from Brand Identity Study

    Explorations that led to the chosen logo.

  • Spread from Brand Identity Study

    Patterns used across applications of the brand identity to create a warm, personal feel.

For my senior project I created With Love, a company to help people create personalized gifts for their loved ones. Beginning with a business plan and conceptual explorations, I then developed marketing collateral and packaging to communicate With Love's core principles.

The project is described in full by its most involved piece, an identity study that details each element of the brand.

Project Roles

  • Design
  • Student Work
  • Packaging
  • Brand Identity