E.W. Scripps

Style guide and website themes

Style guide

This style guide and documentation website enabled staff across more than 20 daily newspapers, often with very limited HTML/CSS experience, to build pages and entire new sections that matched their website's theme.

Screenshot of style guide
Screenshot of Style guide.

Publication homepages

I architected the front-end of Scripps' second-generation Ellington CMS-based platform. Each of the 20+ local websites had its own unique theme layered atop a set of shared common templates that were fully customizable and could be overridden when necessary.

On the first-generation platform, new features could take as many as 10 weeks to roll out to all 20+ websites. On the second-generation platform those same features could be rolled out in less than 10 minutes.

The unique theme for each newspaper incorporated local geography or landmarks to stand out as being hyper-local. Below are the homepages for two of the local newspaper website themes I designed atop the second-generation platform.

Screenshot of knoxnews.com homepage
The warm, hazy silhouette of the Smoky Mountains set the tone for the Knoxville News Sentinel.
Screenshot of redding.com homepage
Much like the city of Redding, California itself, The Redding Record Searchlight's website sits at the foot of the Mount Shasta volcano.