It’s alive!

Well, kinda. Sorta. In an incomplete, still have a lot left to do sorta way. But damnit, finally resembles a functional website.

Ignoring a brief foray into the hellish land of Wordpress that started late in the summer of 2004, has been pretty much dead. But now it lives to function as my playground and soapbox, directed at the web design / development community.

Since web standards-oriented blogs pushed me in the proper html/css direction back in 2003, I’ve wanted to become an active part of this fun and educational network. Three years later I finally have the ability to do so.

Six months ago, I began to get my feet wet with emerging web frameworks. Hacking around with PHP just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. My first steps were toward Ruby on Rails, but thanks to my involvement with Ellington-based sites from The University Daily Kansan and Scripps, I started running in the Django direction. With lots of help from the Django documentation and some fine folks hanging around the #django IRC room and elsewhere in the community, I’m well on my way. I plan to use my personal site to pass the help along to other budding web designers confused about this whole programming thing.

Who am I?

Here’s the quick rundown: I’m a visual communications student at The University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, where I’m quite involved in the student newspaper, The University Daily Kansan. I’ve been playing with this HTML thing since sometime circa 1998. Programming is not my first nature, but I really love picking up new skills, and Django is now my new best friend. I’ll save the more detailed introduction for my ‘about’ page - once it’s written. This site is still a work in progress, after all.

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