Django on the big screen

Last night I had the opportunity to take the lady and see a preview screening of Ratatouille at the ridiculous Regal Pinnacle. The humanity captured in this movie about a rat with aspirations for greatness makes Pixar’s latest movie stunningly beautiful. I can’t recommend a more heartwarming movie to watch this summer.

So what’s this got to do with Django? Remy, the main character, has a father named Django. Voiced by Brian Dennehy, Django is described as,

Django, Remy’s father, is the patriarch of the rat clan. Django expects his oldest son, Remy, to one day take over the responsibilities of leading and providing for the extended rat family, but he is frustrated by his son’s finickiness and reluctance to eat perfectly good garbage. To Django, it’s clear that “humans = death” and a restaurant kitchen is no place for Remy to be hanging around, not to mention cooking. Out of the question.

Want to know more about how Pixar creates such incredible art? Check out the New York Times’ “A Rat With a Whisk and a Dream,” and Time’s “Why Pixar is Better.”

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