New foundation for Django

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Django is now owned by a new, nonprofit, organization.

The Django Software Foundation, based in Lawrence, now owns the trademark and intellectual property that form the basis for the application that is used to create increasingly popular Web publishing programs

The foundation, headed by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, will now be able to accept donations to help it grow.

My congrats and thanks go to Jacob and the rest of the development team. You’ve enabled me to do a lot of cool stuff on the web I would otherwise never have the skillset to accomplish.

From what I can tell, leadership at the Journal-World has been very fair and open with their control of the framework. I can’t recall an instance where use of the technology or name has squashed. But it’s good to know that this will no longer be vulnerable to changes in leadership at the newspaper, and is completely in the hands of the people who care most about its long-term success.

Update: Official word from the Django weblog and official Django Software Foundation website.

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This is pretty cool news! I can't wait for 1.0 to drop in September.

June 17th 2008, 10:48 a.m. by Patrick Beeson
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I'm an enthusiastic beneficiary of Django. I have a developer writing a front and back office database and admin system for an insurance brokerage and insurance company. I feel I, like most other beneficiaries, should be giving back to the project itself. As a result, I would like to suggest a 2% voluntary "royalty fee" based on the fees developers charge their clients payable back to the core project. In that way Jacob can bring in other core developers to help move Django forward and broaden it out even faster. I have see this before with other Linux Distros i.e. Centos.

This does not cost developers anything and it the cost is very small for clients. Certainly a lot less than having to by non open source platforms.

Look forward to the views of others.



June 17th 2008, 11:06 a.m. by Peter Bassel
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Peter, a voluntary royalty fee is a very interesting idea. It's certainly one way of many to help give something back. Whenever I'm back in Lawrence, I always keep an eye out for any Django devs so I can at least buy 'em a drink. Haven't seen any so far, though!

This notion of wanting to give something back is one of the driving factors that led me to build Djangofriendly. I'm not a good enough programmer to really contribute to the codebase, so I try to contribute to the community as much as I can.

June 17th 2008, 11:54 a.m. by Ryan Berg
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I have no idea what this means but if you are happy, I am happy:-) Love ya!!

June 17th 2008, 9:22 p.m. by Jocelyn

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